Although I’ve written 38 books, I’m convinced that I didn’t choose a career as a writer, it chose me. After numerous long distance moves necessitated by my husband’s career, I realized I would never have enough time in one particular job to develop a career.  So, out of sheer desperation after the tenth move, I decided to try writing a book. When a major publisher bought it, I knew that I had found a career!  Or, as I mentioned, it had found me.

Writing fulfills something inside me like nothing else.   I’m interested in people, in their lives, in who they are, in their interests, in what makes them tick, in what makes them happy or sad or good or bad. Spinning a tale with characters drawn from whole cloth out of my imagination is just plain fun.

But I want my books to speak to my readers. I’m drawn to explore the problems of contemporary women. With three daughters of my own, I see first hand the ups and downs of relationships, of difficulties women face in balancing career with marriage and motherhood, with the challenge of blended families as a result of divorce and—looking beyond my family—to issues facing society as a whole.

After losing my husband to a fatal heart attack, not only was my world changed, but I was changed in numerous ways. According to conventional wisdom, no major life decisions should be made within a year of a traumatic event. So, exactly on the dot of one year, I sold my house in Jackson, Mississippi, packed up and moved to Houston, Texas, where several relatives had settled, including my sister, my brother and one of my three daughters. I’ve never regretted that decision. After roaming the Continental U. S. for many years and moving at least twenty-five times, I have become a full-fledged Texan. The only disadvantage (besides the sweltering hot summers) is that two of my daughters live far away—in separate states–so that I can only see them infrequently.  But in spite of being separated by long distances, my family is a joy. I have five incredibly handsome and stunningly intelligent grandsons. All in all, between my family and my career as a writer and my many friends, I consider myself wonderfully blessed.